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Growing Seasons: Coordinator’s Guide


Bereaved children feel a loss of control over their lives. A child’s identity comes from his or her place in the family, and when the family changes, the child has to search for a new identity. If the remaining parent remarries, the child has to adjust to yet another new family identity. Grieving children feel unable to control the direction of their lives and may develop a feeling of powerlessness; thus, they may become rebellious or class bullies in order to gain a sense of control. They need someone outside themselves on whom they can depend, and they need to know that when others fail them, God is always there.

Growing Seasons is designed to help children heal from divorce, the death of a loved one, and other losses. This is a peer support group for children. It provides them with a safe place to talk about their loss and helps them move through the grief process toward healing. It offers practical steps based on biblical principles. The Parent Guide enables parents to discuss each session with the child and let him or her share what is being learned. Growing Seasons includes curriculum for three age levels: ages 4-5, grades 1-3 and grades 4-6.

This Christ-centered group can also be an effective evangelism tool.

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