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Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL)

Learning God’s Word is important, but not nearly as important as the daily adventure of living it. Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL) launches the student forward from the study of God’s Word toward its daily application. They won’t be taking this journey alone, as PSNL is designed as an opportunity for teachers/mentors to come alongside students as they customize the personal accountability contract.

This journey also includes daily disciplines and action that will breathe life into the scriptures as students meet the challenge to live out the Word of God in their conversation and behavior.

Most importantly, students can experience what it is like to invite the Holy Spirit to personally walk with them each step of this adventure. Before long they will soon look back in amazement at the distance they have traveled from past destruction to a new personal strength and confidence in God.

Teachers of the PSNL curriculum have been certified through the Teen Challenge International USA office.

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