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About Us

Teen Challenge Store

We strive to provide excellent resources for enriching your Christian Walk as well as working with New Christians.

With a focus on the practical applications of Christian teachings, Teen Challenge students not only learn how to change deeply entrenched, self-destructive behavior, but to discover a new identity in Christ that makes these changes possible. Those who come to Teen Challenge not only receive a holistic approach to recovery from life-controlling problems, but acquire a new value system that honors family, takes responsibility for community, cultivates a positive work ethic, and helps them become productive, healthy members of society.

At the Teen Challenge store, we offer the Teen Challenge curriculum and other products. This is the same curriculum that has helped thousands of people develop their relationship with Christ to overcome their addiction. The Christian community is desperate for practical Biblical teaching to help prepare to meet the problems we face in our daily living in today’s society.

The Group Studies for New Christians were developed to introduce a broad range of issues essential to Christian living, and to get a person involved in actively applying these Biblical principles in daily situations. Group Studies for New Christians teach practical ways to apply Bible truths to the challenges facing Christians in these troubled times. These courses have been used successfully in a variety of settings: New Christian Classes, Small Groups, Prison and Jail Ministries, Personal Counseling, Elective Sunday School Classes, and Christian Schools!

The Personal Studies for New Christians was developed for individuals to use with a teacher’s help. Students work through lessons individually until they reach a “stop point” then meet with their teacher to discuss their work and questions. This series of classes requires a teacher to complete a certification course for the Personal Studies for New Christians.

We also distribute the Living Free Small Group resources for use in Churches and outreach ministries.

Teen Challenge gear and an assortment of other books and resources are also available through the Teen Challenge Store.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Teen Challenge, USA at 417-581-2181.

To all of you, from all of us at Teen Challenge Store – Thank you and Blessings!

Vanessa and Patty