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Our first educational priority is to teach our students the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. We recognize the life-changing power of scripture and use the most effective methods we can to communicate it to our students. We give them constant instruction in how to apply the Bible to their daily lives, which not only fosters spiritual growth, but life skills. Many of our adult programs provide studies for GED so that students are able to receive their high school equivalency degree while with us.

Personal Life Instruction

Typically Adult and Teen Challenge centers do not provide licensed counseling, however, we do provide personal and life skills based on biblical principles. Students are assigned to a spiritual mentor who helps them understand the consequences of the negative choices of their past and learn how to build a new life based on the truth of God’s Word.

 Vocational Activity

Our students engage in a variety of vocational activity. These include jobs necessary for the operation of the program such as food service, janitorial, clerical, etc. Other work is done outside the center and includes car detailing, retail sales through thrift stores, lawn care, and many other jobs. These equip our students with a Christian work ethic and prepare them to be productive citizens once they reenter society.

Spiritual Formation

The spiritual development of our students is essential for them to live productive lives, free from substance abuse. They attend chapel services, engage in prayer and personal devotions, attend church services, and participate in small group discipleship. But even beyond these regularly scheduled activities, our programs are “faith saturated.” It is not unusual to see students spending their free time in Bible studies, impromptu worship, or praying for one another. Our goal is that spiritual formation occurs in every activity.  As students develop a spiritual life-style, in Adult and Teen Challenge, they are establishing life-long habits of successful Christian living.

Adult and Teen Challenge centers do provided separate facilities for male and female. The only exception would be a family center, when a husband and wife could work together toward building a new life together – drug free.


Men's Programs

At Teen Challenge men have the opportunity to discover the man that God created them to be – godly husbands, fathers and leaders. They will learn to transform their minds and become accountable and responsible men of God wanting to help others.

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Women's Programs

At Teen Challenge, ladies have the opportunity to discover that they have a purpose and value to God and those around them. It’s not enough just to stop the drugs, they will learn to see themselves through God’s eyes and develop godly habits that will last them a lifetime.

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Freedom from Addiction for Adults, Teens & Families ™

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