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Residential Recovery Program

At Adult and Teen Challenge USA, we believe in healing every aspect of addiction and substance abuse. This goes far beyond detoxification and withstanding withdrawal. Our residential recovery program is set up to combat the very issues that lead to addiction with deep devotion and love of God. We help heal the body, yes, but we also help heal the mind and the soul at our Christian recovery programs.

What is a Residential Recovery Program?

Residential recovery programs differ from typical outpatient and inpatient (hospitalization) forms of substance abuse and addiction treatment. Intensive outpatient programs typically consist of a few sessions each week where a patient receives treatment and guidance. In partial hospitalization programs, patients spend most of their time in the hospital, only to return at night or on vacation days. On the other hand, our residential recovery program offers a long-term, hands-on, and faith-based alternative.

Our residential recovery program lasts longer than most hospital stays, are nearly as intensive, and emphasizes Christian values and Biblical principles. Most students of Adult and Teen Challenge USA stay in our residential recovery program between one and two years. The day-to-day structure, community, and Biblical teachings over an extended period of time bring students slowly into an awareness that God has a purpose for their lives. And this purpose does not include drug abuse, but self-love and spiritual growth.

How Does a Residential Recovery Program Heal Drug Addiction?

Our Adult and Teen Challenge USA residential recovery program separates substance abusers and addicts from enabling and negative environments. We replace these environments with a controlled, spiritually dynamic atmosphere dedicated to helping them avoid self-destructive and addictive behavior.

We designed work programs to teach responsibility and pride in work. We also provide Christian mentoring that helps our students grow in Christ. At the core of our program is the principle that God has a specific truth for each of us. We may not see it, but we must believe in it to move forward and upward in our lives. We at Teen Challenge USA do everything in our power to teach our students how to listen to, devote their lives to, and trust in Jesus.

No One Is Beyond God’s Grace

God’s power and love can reach any of us. In the right surroundings and with the right mentorship, anyone can turn their life around and find God again or for the first time. If you or a loved one needs alcoholism recovery or a substance abuse recovery program, contact a Teen Challenge USA residential recovery program today. God’s grace will provide for you and guide you if you only let it.

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