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Teen Challenge making an Impact in their Community

Teen Challenge making an Impact in their Community

August 03, 2017   

Teen Challenge of Phoenix, Arizona has been impacting lives in their community for years. But for the past eight years they have been touching a different audience than typical. They are ministering to school children by providing them with backpacks filled with school supplies. The passed out a total of...

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Adult & Teen Challenge on Celebrity Deaths

August 18, 2017   

Adult & Teen Challenge – Famously Fatal Addictions At one time or another, we’re all guilty of some kind of celebrity obsession. Whether it’s avidly reading gossip articles, or just checking in with favorite singers, actors, comedians, and writers, we’re all a fan of somebody famous. Unfortunately, celebrities are also...

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Teen Help: How Addiction Affects Growing Teens

August 16, 2017   

Teen Help and How Addiction Affects Growing Teenagers The Adult & Teen Challenge blog has previously covered the physical and mental effects that drug addiction and substance abuse can have, as well as the impact on families and relationships. But if you’re seeking teen help, you should also know what...

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Drug Addiction Help: How Addiction Affects Mental Health

August 14, 2017   

How Addiction Impacts Mental Health and Getting Drug Addiction Help It’s difficult not to focus on how much physical damage can be done by addiction and substance abuse. With our lengthy experience in providing drug addiction help for adults and teenagers over the years, Adult & Teen Challenge has also...

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Addiction Recovery and the Nostalgia Trap

August 08, 2017   

How Nostalgia Can Negatively Affect Addiction Recovery It’s part of human nature to sometimes feel wistful – looking back at the past through rose-tinted glasses and wishing we could go back. Although fond memories are an essential part of the human experience on God’s earth, they can be extremely dangerous...

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How Different is Recovery From Addiction for Women?

August 11, 2017   

How Different is Recovery From Addiction for Women? Recovery from addiction can be an intense, long-lasting ordeal. At Adult & Teen Challenge, we help men and women – from teenagers to adults – deal with their addiction problems and kick their negative habits. But, is there a difference when it...

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Bondage Broken

July 14, 2017   

Jill E. Moss discovered in seventh grade that she could gain attention for behaving badly. “I took on the role of the wild child,” Moss says. Hanging out with destructive peers and smoking marijuana became mainstays in her life. Jill’s devout, churchgoing parents, David and Connie Spilman, had no clue...

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Angry Addict Finally Faces God

July 13, 2017   

Joel says his addiction took him to the depths of despair, living in a crack house. His painful journey began as a child when his parents divorced. “It was more peace in the woods with my dogs than anything I’m going to find in that house. And so I learned...

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Sharing her Redemption Story

July 10, 2017   

A quick scroll through Chelsea L. Hughes’ Facebook  page  reveals a young woman full of hope and an infectious love for Jesus Christ. Not so evident is the broken 19-year-old woman who sat in a prison cell five years ago, facing a potential six years of incarceration for drug-related charges....

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States Report Meth Resurgence in Rural Areas

July 06, 2017   

Officials in a number of states are reporting a resurgence of meth, particularly in rural areas, NBC News reports. Ohio, Texas, Montana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Iowa and South Dakota have seen an increase in meth use. Law enforcement officials and health workers say meth doesn’t get as much attention as opioids, because it...

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