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Heroin use soars, with biggest jump among whites

April 11, 2017   

NCAAD writes: Dependence on heroin use more than tripled during the last 10 years, Reuters reports. The biggest increase was seen among whites ages 18 to 44, researchers report in JAMA Psychiatry. The increase has been fueled partly by the misuse of opioid prescription drugs, the study concluded. Researchers from...

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How to Listen to Your Teen – And Get Through

April 07, 2017   

It turns out that the best way to find out what’s going on with your child is to, well, find out what’s going on with her. Lecturing or “grilling” won’t get you there, but an earnest, back-and-forth conversation could. Just talking to your child is only half the job. You...

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A Mother’s Heart on Praying for Her Prodigal Son

April 03, 2017   

One day during his senior year in high school, my son left the house taking a car and money withdrawn from his savings account. He sent me this text: “Don’t try to find me.” We knew he had depression and was smoking marijuana, but now we realized that he was...

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Signs Drug Addiction Help is Needed

April 19, 2017   

Drug Addiction Help Signs There is no question that navigating life with a teenager can be difficult. Changes happen quickly for teens and can leave them scrambling for some sort of control or way to escape. Sometimes, when your teen gets too overwhelmed, they may turn to drugs, alcohol, or...

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Teen Challenge USA: Other Addictions that Cause Struggle

April 17, 2017   

Other Addiction Information from Teen Challenge USA When most people hear the word addiction, they automatically think of drugs and alcohol. While many people do struggle with drug and alcohol addictions, those substances are not the only things people can become addicted to. In today’s blog post, Teen Challenge USA...

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Finding Freedom in Faith: Benefits of Christian Recovery Programs

April 14, 2017   

Christian Recovery Program Benefits At Teen Challenge USA, we offer something more than traditional addiction recovery programs. Our centers have a Christ-centered perspective, providing a spiritual aspect to addiction recovery. Our Christian recovery programs have helped people all across the country overcome their addictions and start their journey to a...

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What Life Looks Like After Recovery From Addiction

April 12, 2017   

Life After Recovery from Addiction Recovery from addiction does not stop after leaving a recovery program like the ones from Teen Challenge USA. Beginning your new journey of sobriety in your regular life may have you a bit nervous. However, with the skills and teachings that you receive through the...

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3 Myths about Recovery Programs

April 10, 2017   

Common Misconceptions about Recovery Programs When most people think of drug and alcohol recovery programs, they often have several misinformed notions of what goes into addiction recovery. Whether these ideas come from popular culture or stories from friends and family, they can have negative effects on the people who need...

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More towns calling timeout on marijuana stores

March 22, 2017   

The image of local stores selling recreational pot has residents of some Massachusetts cities and towns calling timeout on part of the voter-passed state law allowing retailers to offer marijuana products. Westborough voters earlier this month approved a ban blocking retailers from selling pot for recreational use, Southborough is considering...

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3 prayers for a loved one battling addiction

March 22, 2017   

The Bible says in Philippians 4:6, “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything” (GNTD). Pray, because God hears us when we pray—and he has the power to change lives! You are not powerless in this situation, because God wants you to come to him with the struggles that cause...

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