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Lifeline Connection; Non-residential Ministry

Expanding the reach to help more hurting people.

Lifeline Connection is a discipleship program designed to help people conquer life-controlling issues through Christ’s power. People learn how the Word of God, the Power of God and the people of God work together to help others overcome problems in an environment of hope, support, and accountability.

Through Christ-centered Bible small groups, Lifeline connection targets many life-controlling issues such as depression, sexual purity, relationship challenges, substance abuse and also behavior restoration. The three tools used in the groups are: the Word of God, the people of God and the Spirit of God.

Why support groups instead of a residential recovery program?

  1. The most recent statistic of addicts entering into residential recovery is 11%. Teen Challenge can’t build enough facilities to help every addict.
  2. For everyone in recovery, there are 8-10 family members adversely affected by their addiction and recovery, families can find help in a Lifeline group.
  3. Not everyone seeking help can commit to the residential program because of family or concerns. Those in the early stage of their addiction can be successful with the help of a Lifeline group.
  4. Rural communities are desperate for help and solutions, and practical programs to help with addictions. Lifeline Connection can be the solution.
  5. Churches in America are dealing with the addicted and need training to properly respond and offer help.

4 R’s of Non-residential Recovery & Discipleship

Referral; For those needing residential recovery and full-time discipleship, we can help them find a Teen Challenge program.

Relationships; For those unable to commit to residential ministry, because of children, or are in the earlier stages of their addiction, we take the ministry to them. We do this 3 ways, starting with a Living Free Plan of Recovery, providing a Life-coach of Accountability and offering Life-groups of Discipleship!

Re-alignment; For families that need to stop enabling and allow real help to truly begin! We encourage the ”Concerned Persons” & ”Restoring Families” groups as well as the Living Free Plan & Life-coach of Accountability!

Re-establishment; For our Teen Challenge alumni or ex-offenders coming out of prisons, jails and programs. It’s easier to live right in a controlled environment, now Teen Challenge graduates and ex-offenders who participated in ministry while incarcerated, need practical solutions for living in the real world as a new creation in Christ! It’s going to take a lot of godly relationships, encouragement, and accountability!

Lifeline Connection is a collaborative effort with Living Free and Teen Challenge, USA! Living Free provides a proven model, strategy, training, and materials, to initiate and sustain a non-residential recovery ministry.

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