Center Locator

Phoenix, Arizona

Greater Phoenix Teen Challenge accepts Men (18+), including those that are on parole, on probation.

P.O. Box 13444
Phoenix, Arizona   85002
(602) 271-4084 office (602) 271-9718 fax

Administration Office

Tucson, Arizona

Teen Challenge of Arizona, Inc. (Admin Office)

P.O. Box 5966
Tucson, Arizona   85703-0966
(520) 292-2273 office (520) 292-2257 fax

What to Expect

Teen Challenge provides Christian faith-based, residential care to young people and adults who struggle with life-controlling problems.

The programs are typically 12-18 months and consist of Bible studies, work projects, education (for adolescents), recreation and more. Many aspects of the program differ slightly between centers, such as cost, application processes, and day-to-day activities. read more