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Gambling addiction is a continual urges to gamble despite the negative consequences it will have towards an individual or their loved ones.  Gambling addicts will spend their time, thoughts, and money on gambling, whether it is at a casino, online, or scratch tickets.  While some people may be able to gamble in moderation, a gambling addict will not be able to control their actions; they are unable reduce or stop their gambling behavior.

A Story of Success

A Story of Success

One day I found myself looking into a mirror trying to figure out what I had done to my life. I was out of control, and didn’t know how to stop. I was involved in an illegal gambling ring in Houston. I was staying in a hotel room, running from the cops, doing drugs, drinking, chasing women, and gambling at the highest limits possible. I hadn’t been home to my wife and child in months and hadn’t spoken to my parents in over a year. I had isolated everyone out of my life that had any true meaning to me.

I eventually turned myself in and was serving time when I found out my wife had committed suicide. When I got out I was a single father. I moved thinking a new location would help me change my life, but it didn’t. I kept filling the void with more alcohol, drugs and gambling. I didn’t want my son to without a parent, I was planning an accident to take both our lives, when a friend called to ask what trouble I was in and to tell me about Teen Challenge. They kept my son while I went through the program.

Instead of raising my son to be a great poker player and teaching him how to gamble, he is in Christian school and learning Bible verses!

Recovery, Our Process

Adult and Teen Challenge USA strives to provide a compassionate, caring welcome to new students when they arrive. New students will soon find that there are many others with similar stories and backgrounds, who are learning to live a new drug-free life.

Though the vast majority of Adult and Teen Challenge students—adults, youth, and families—come from a lifestyle of drug, alcohol, or other addictions, our focus is on the spiritual needs of the student. Our conviction is that the beginning of freedom from addiction starts by establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Once established, growth is vital for the new believer to learn how to not only change their behavior but to change their attitudes and their view on life. It is through this transformation of spirit, mind, and heart that lasting change takes place.

Adult and Teen Challenge deals with the “whole man” by endeavoring to help individuals become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive. Life transformation occurs through a restored relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and a subsequent commitment to apply and live out the principles of God’s Word, The Bible, to our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors in our everyday lives. This Bible based instruction – group and individual mentoring and discipleship – is the foundation on which all aspects of the Teen Challenge program are built.  These principles bring true freedom from addiction, with a restored purpose and an eternal hope.

Freedom from Addiction for Adults, Teens & Families ™

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