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Joyce's Story

Joyce's Story

At the age of 13, after my parents’ divorce, I became resentful and  started using marijuana.  A year later I was pregnant. At the age of 21 I started hanging out with old friends who abused alcohol and Vicodin

After getting pregnant again, my abusive relationship took an ugly turn. I found myself facing a jail sentence for assault.

I was so alone, lost, and broken … as well as 5-months pregnant. By the grace of God I was released and entered Adult & Teen Challenge.

Things have gotten  better each and every day I’ve been here. I’m so grateful for this program. They provided me with everything my new baby needs, and helped me get my daughter back. I’ve become a better mother  and have strong boundaries.

Jordan's Story

Jordan's Story

He was a good kid … the son of a pastor, grew up in church, and went to a small Christian college. There he excelled in track and football, until an injury changed everything.

Jordan’s broken ankle required two surgeries and prescription pain medication. Jordan began to depend on the meds and, as the prescriptions ran out, he started looking for more, digging through the medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers of every home he entered.

Soon he was shopping for pills on the street and stealing in order to afford them. As his addiction worsened, Jordan began crushing pills in order to inhale them or inject them.

When Jordan was expelled from college after failing his second drug test, his parents immediately entered him into the Adult & Teen Challenge USA program.

During the next twelve months at Adult & Teen Challenge, God changed Jordan’s life, bringing him healing and restoration. After Jordan graduated from Adult & Teen Challenge he returned to college, completed his degree, and got a job as an athletic coach at the same school that had once expelled him.

Jordan never dreamed his story would make an impact on someone like Christian recording artist, Matthew West, but that’s what happened when Matthew read his story. He  saw God’s redemptive power at work in Jordan’s life and decided to write a song about it. A song that broke records in the Christian recording industry.

Hello My Name Is…

Jordan knows that the labels that used to define him (“addict”, “failure”, “mistake”) no longer apply. Instead, like all whom God has set free, Jordan wears a new badge. He is a new creation – a child of the One True King!

Jamie's Story

Jamie's Story

I grew up in a loving family.  My parents were always and still are “there for me”.  Growing up I heard that there was alcoholism in my family. My mom warned me not to drink, so I didn’t.

Then I met a guy and jumped into a relationship and started living together and eventually married.  And then, like the frog sitting in a pot of water on the stove, I woke up to realize that I was being boiled alive.

I realized that I had no control over any part of my life.  I have given everything to my husband.  I had allowed myself to become emotionally, physically and sexually abused by the man I thought loved me.  I had kept up a good front, which led to living a double life.

I was almost thirty years old when I finally looked at my life for what it had become.  I was drinking everyday, often until I blacked out. I would pray, “God, just let me die” because then I wouldn’t have to live this way anymore.

Instead God turned the lights on and I faced the truth.  I left my husband.  I moved in with my parents and tried to move on with my life. But after my son’s birth, the pain was unbearable and I started drinking again.  I didn’t want my son to have a mother who continually drank.

Then I found out about Adult & Teen Challenge and entered their 13-month program.  They let my son live with me during that year and that made a big difference in my recovery and return to emotional health.

During my time at Adult & Teen Challenge God opened my eyes, softened my heart to forgive, and gave me back my life.  I know and believe that both my son and I deserve a life free from abuse, a life God has planned for us.


Valerie's Story

Valerie's Story

Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of growing up in church or even knowing God, for that matter.  Between the ages of 17 and 22 my life spiraled out of control.  Due to drugs, alcohol, and rebellion, I lost everything.

Even though I tried everything the world had  to offer, I still  couldn’t seem to fill the void in my life.  My life was no longer fun and exciting.  The feeling of depression took hold of my life and I began to cut myself and play with death.

When all hope was lost, my family stepped in and brought me to Adult & Teen Challenge. 

With a dramatic change, I let go and let God control my life.  This process has taken a lot of discipline, strength, courage, and self-control.  God has changed me from the inside out, and He will forever be the leader of my life.

Coty's Story

Coty's Story

I grew up in a well-respected home and was taught the difference between right and wrong, but the pressure of all the things life had to offer were too tempting.

In the 9th grade I smoked my first joint. By my senior year I was a full-blown addict, addicted to methamphetamines, opiates, and barbiturates. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I was too numb to care. I was in and out of drug rehabs, but every time I relapsed a stronger chain would attach itself to me. Within four years of high school graduation I was living out of my car.

One night God intervened in my life and I ended up in jail. God had a plan. I sat in jail for two months until God opened the door for me to go to Adult & Teen Challenge. This is where I met Jesus Christ for real this time.

My life was totally flipped upside-down by Christ, and I truly knew what it meant to live a godly life. I was taught how to pray and study God’s word. I had a lot of anger and baggage, but God healed me. I am no longer a hopeless drug addict, but a godly woman set on fire to proclaim His truth. He has restored everything the enemy stole from me. I am a new creation called by God.

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